About Jillian

Singers who leave their mark on a generation of fans are often described by their raw vocal abilities, with one cliché description referring to their ‘set of pipes.’ By that standard, Jillian Holt’s pipes resonate, not only in your ear, but also in your soul. Heavily fortified with strong, decades-old, rusty American steel with combustion that’ll knock you on your ass. And her debut album, in part, pays homage to the pioneering women and musicians of color who birthed the sound of Detroit’s Motown and Memphis’ Stax records. 

Born in Atlanta, Georgia and raised in South Alabama, Jillian Holt has been singing since childhood. She honed her craft in the coastal city of Pensacola, Florida playing and singing nightly to overwhelming crowds at a renowned dueling piano house. Hired in her early twenties for her larger than life female persona and an even larger voice, Holt has a no frills approach to singing. Influenced by such greats as Robert Plant, Joe Cocker, KoKo Taylor, and Janis Joplin, Jillian Holt has a deep love for flawed, yet utterly genuine vocals. And she, too, is all real, all the time. 

But don’t get your feelings hurt, she just means what she sings.